The Swan Escaped

The redridinghoods must be living in a parallel universe. See the 0:50 mark here:

“About two foot tall, long, slender neck…”

He could be describing the day our swan went missing. Except she wasn’t exactly a swan, she was a dog. And she didn’t go missing at all, except that one of our neighbors found her roaming around in the park. It was our dog, she said, and she was sure of it. Except that it wasn’t. Our dog was securely indoors. GK2 (Glady Kravitz #2) would not believe that our dog was safe and sound indoors with Mr. redridinghood until Mrs. redridinghood took her to the door, opened it and the swan-dog came running. If you’ve ever been chased by a swan, the swan-dog’s greeting is much the same.

“Thank you so much for your concern,” said Mrs. redridinghood. “We really appreciate how you look out for the swan-dogs of the neighborhood. It’s very kind of you.”

Mrs. redridinghood is now careful to step out of the car on her driveway only when there are no neighbors in sight.

GK2 left, unconvinced. She suggested that we go down to the park to get a look. Did I mention that GK2 is a friend of GK1 who organized the block party? It made sense that GK1 inquired at the block party if we knew GK2. It also made sense that we said no.


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