Grimm’s New Creatures?

The redridinghoods are waiting with baited breath for the season opener of Grimm. What new wesen are lurking around the corner for Nick and Monroe? We don’t know all the wesen in Aunt Marie’s book, but here’s an unnamed one from our parallel universe in outer suburbia.

This one is similar in appearance to a squirrel, but remember that we have no squirrels in our ‘hood; only nuts. The squirrel-like wesen is seen randomly pulling up bits of sod from the lawn and stuffing in plants. The plants are often invasive species like goutweed, a scourge to be sure. Where squirrels are known for their ability to skitter up trees, this wesen chooses to walk backwards around the block instead. In daylight. In full view of the neighbors. Obviously the wesen is unaware of the dangers in the ‘hood. What will happen when the wesen walks backward in snow and ice? Things are not looking good for this foolish, squirrel-like wesen.

Any names for this wesen, dear readers? Do tell. We’re stumped.


One thought on “Grimm’s New Creatures?

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