Rikki Runs for Office

As you know, Rikki (the mongoose) Tikki-Tavi is planning to run for office in the next election. And because he is a play-by-the-books kind of mongoose, he has contacted the Chief Returning Officer for details on the rules and regulations. Here’s an excerpt from his letter:

“I am considering running for office in the next election.

I see that someone was allowed to use a nickname (with brackets)  on the ballot in this year’s election. My question is, “Can I run for office using my real name?” I plan to run using my complete legal name, Rikki (the mongoose) Tikki-Tavi. (The mongoose) is strictly an identifier for the new generation who may not be familiar with me. Four years is plenty of time to come up with something ludicrous, but I really want to use my legal name. Is that allowed, or must one use something completely (self-promoting and) ridiculous, as in the recent election?

Please tell me that it will be possible to use my complete and full legal name, as I’m (yowsa!) looking forward to it. Would I have to use a completely ridiculous made-up name, a completely ridiculous made-up name in combination with all or part of my real name, or would my real (and legal) name suffice? Please don’t tell me that this (very silly and hilarious) practice of allowing nicknames on ballots is the new norm, as I think politics are a serious matter.

With the utmost in respect, dignity and sincere regard for the democratic process,

Your humble candidate-in-waiting,

Rikki (the mongoose) Tikki-Tavi”

The response to Rikki’s letter will be posted here soon. The Chief Returning Officer is a very busy person, but this is a matter of utmost importance.


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