What is “the Community”?

Rikki (the mongoose) Tikki-Tavi has a challenge on his hands. As you know, he must become known in the community by his nickname in order to use (the mongoose) as part of his title on the ballots when he runs for office in 2017. That’s quite a sentence, and quite a challenge for a mongoose.

Becoming known is not the problem. Who can forget Rikki (the mongoose) Tikki-Tavi from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book? For those who prefer television or movies, who can forget the cartoon mongoose?

The challenge for Rikki is defining what is “the community”? The times they are a-changing. Communities and “the community” aren’t what they once were. Here’s proof:

“People are looking to be a connected community in a very different way than we used to,” says Amanda Pick, executive director of the Missing Children Society of Canada. “The traditional model of being a connected community was the idea of Block Parent where a child can go somewhere safely. But I think that technology has moved us in a different direction where people go to social media and other technology platforms to be a connected community.”

Many childhood safety groups have created digital tools to keep pace. The Missing Children Society of Canada has launched several tools in recent years, including a project that allows people to donate their social media feeds to the group, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Pinterest.

“When a child goes missing, we post directly to your news feed,” says Ms. Pick, who calls it “milk carton 2.0.”

From: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/parenting/sign-of-the-times-how-the-21st-century-put-block-parent-into-decline/article15113808/

This fits into Rikki’s plan perfectly. He has no intention of going door-to-door meeting voters. He does not wish to spend his valuable time at candidate forums and debates. He knows those things are poorly attended anyways. He plans to conduct his campaign for office entirely from the comfort of his den, using technology. It’s a brave new world, and one that Rikki knows will stand the test if his “nickname” is challenged in court.

Real people are no longer required for a community. The “connected community” is news feeds, social networking, computer notepads, cellphones and apps. Rikki doesn’t need people or a place to become known in “the community”. “The community” is everywhere and anywhere. It’s a virtual world of one’s own creation, where Rikki has a user name. All he has to do is use it online with the faceless, nameless masses anywhere.

That has already been accomplished, thanks to this blog.




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