A Mongoose in the Hinterlands

“Impossible,” said a kind and gentle reader. “There simply cannot be a mongoose living in the hinterlands of outer suburbia. How did it get there? Does it wear a winter coat?”

There is a mongoose living in outer suburbia because the ‘hood is full of cobras, and the occasional viper. Rikki (the mongoose) Tikki-Tavi is an Indian gray mongoose. Snakes are a major food source for the mongoose, and like I said, the ‘hood is full of them. There are times when the vipers are in a spell of excessive back-biting. Rikki becomes more wary than usual during these periods, sticking close to home and ducking for cover. Otherwise, his curiosity usually gets the better of him, and he ventures out and about, with or without a coat. It’s not that hard to imagine, really.



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