The Mongoose Truth Movement

Rikki (the mongoose) Tikki-Tavi has hit another roadblock in his quest to take over the world (of civic politics).

You see, it is very difficult for a mongoose of a certain age to provide proof of birth. Back in 1894 in rural India, the mongeese/mongi/mongooses were a transient lot. They had an innate distrust of officialdom and officials, and humans in general. Especially generals. This is why Rikki has no birth certificate, and no way of getting one. It appears that he doesn’t officially exist.

Now before all you mongoose-truthers start getting your knickers in a knot, let’s get one thing straight: Rikki (the mongoose) Tikki-Tavi is real. He does exist. He lives in what can legally be called “a community”, or “the community” of the internet. That makes him just as real or you or me out here in cyberspace. You can’t say we don’t exist, can you?


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