I’ll Take the Swan-dog Combo…

Since you asked, the redridinghoods’ swan-dog is one of a kind and definitely not for sale. If you want one of your own, you’ll have to order the swan-dog combo:


Here’s how it works, we presume:

The redridinghoods were astonished to learn that Canada geese have run afoul of those living on waterfront properties in Grimm country. How can this be happening in a place infested with ravenous vesen? Perhaps the citizens of Portland will band together and hire a flock-pack of swan-dogs to restore the natural order.

Frankly, there’s a bigger problem in the world than Canada geese. This is the misuse of the preposition “of”. The Canada goose is plentiful. The preposition “of” is on the endangered species list. Mrs. r. believes there should be a Hinterland Who’s Who for “of”. It is a rare creature in these troubled times.


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