Volcanalis…or Meet the Neighbors

I’ve been promising to introduce you to more of the neighbors out here in the hinterland. Today, meet “Volcanalis”.


It’s a(nother) long story.

Back when the ‘hood was nothing but some houses on barren land, the RRHs (redridinghoods) happened to be outside doing some landscaping. They noticed that one of the neighbors was, too. His project was on a much grander scale, and involved heavy equipment: to wit, a front-end loader. There it was, in the middle of the day on a Sunday, driving down the street to the park. There it was, removing large boulders from the community park and driving them back down the street to the “Volcanalis” property. There was Mr. “Volcanalis”, supervising the arrangement of the stolen boulders for his landscaping. These were some rocks: very large ones, worth hundreds of dollars each, but acquired free of charge in a brazen, mid-day heist by Mr. V. and his crew.

The “Volcanalis” episode of Grimm had not aired yet, nor did the TV series even exist at the time. It became clear in retrospect, though, that “Volcanalis” was the perfect name for this Grimm neighbor of ours.

It also became clear that landscaping boulders on public property should be fitted with tattoos and microchips, much like the family pet. But never mind.

Naturally, this story comes back to the block party. The RRHs had to zip their lips when they met Mr. V. at the block party. The urge to blurt out, “Oh, so you’re the rock thief,” was great. The RRHs exchanged bug-eyed, eyebrow-raised glances amongst themselves instead.

They also had to contain themselves when Mr. V. announced his occupation. Can you guess what he does for a living when he’s not stealing rocks?



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