Day of the Doctor

Get ready, Whovians. The global simulcast of “The Day of the Doctor” is imminent. If you didn’t get a ticket to one of the 3D theatre airings, no worries. Perhaps, like the RRH family, you prefer the comforts of home, which include a snack of fish sticks and custard for this special event.

In the meantime, we’ll be on the internet, experimenting with Google’s Dr. Who Doodle.

Google’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Doodle Pits You Against Daleks, Cybermen, And Weeping Angels

Mrs. RRH spent some time yesterday electrocuting Dr. Whos with Daleks, just to see what would happen. A divine way to waste time, all in all. Mrs. RRH won’t tell you how long she has been a fan of The Doctor, but you’re welcome to guess. Let’s just say that The Doctor and his various reruns were preferable to J.R. Ewing back in the day.












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