The Time Has Come

A bully is a bully is a bully.

It could be a neighbor who grants you the title of “the bad people” in the neighborhood, based on a second- or third-hand account of someone who thought they saw you do something, but didn’t even know what you looked like, or that you even existed, or what it was they saw, for that matter. Lots of that sort of thing happened in the Deep South back in the day. To Kill a Mockingbird, much?

It could be someone lurking in the depths of the elephant graveyard known as Google Plus. People don’t need a reason to abuse you in a public forum. They don’t need proof to make ludicrous claims. The internet is their weapon, and they intend to slay you with it. It’s a sign of their own sickness.

Some people don’t even need a reason to tell you that your child, who they just met and have had no prior contact with, is a “bad kid”, because they say so.

So this is what fairy tales are about. Little Red Riding Hood’s nemesis was a wolf in granny’s clothing. People who look harmless aren’t always. And you shouldn’t believe someone just because they “look” nice. Inside, they could be a rotten old troll who lives under a bridge, or on Google Plus, or on your street in your neighborhood.


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