Rikki’s on a Mission

You may remember Rikki’s mission:


Rikki hasn’t forgotten, either, and he’s on the way to establishing an identity within the community. Yes, it involves a name that will be recognized by people within the community, and which is not Rikki Tikki-Tavi’s legal name. It is more of a nickname, in brackets.

There is already a precedent for this kind of thing, and Rikki is not forging any new ground. You could say Rikki is merely testing a precedent. There are three more years before Rikki’s action plan will be put before the public in an election, my friends. Rikki will have to start using that term a lot, with everyone and anyone. That’s what politicians do, and Rikki is learning the ropes.

Up, up and away, or yawadnapupu, as Wayne and Shuster used to say.



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